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Timmargh’s review of 2008  9

In a change from the norm and in light of my noticeable lack of “depression” during this winter, I’m not going to mention anything negative that has happened in the last eight thousand, seven hundred and seventy-three and a half hours or so.

I took delivery of my chair mid-December 2007 so technically it wasn’t this year, but this is the first full year I’ve had it. It’s still fantastic, it’s still a novelty that I show off to people and, unfortunately, I’m still taking chunks out of the door frames at home! I saw I Am Legend, In Bruges, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, WALL•E and … *thinks* … erm, lots of other good films at the cinema. I passed the halfway point. I lost weight … and then put it on again. And I bought an iPhone, a MacBook Pro and tickets to see Magneto and Professor X in Waiting For Godot at the theatre in March 2009.

Much more positive stuff happened, but I really can’t remember them right now as my mind is filled with bloody ABBA songs after singing karaoke on Sunday night (and I looked hot!).

So, I hope you all had a great Christmas (and got what you wanted, but not what you deserved) and I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, too.


Thanks, I wish you the same. :-) Happy 2009… may it be even better than 2008. - Diddums

Happy 2008. I used to read your blog, but didn’t check in in a while. glad to hear everything is cool. - LobsterMan

Yes you looked very hot on that photo! Red looks so good on you! And a Happy New Year to you sir. - MHC

Thanks MHC ;-) - Timmargh

So… When are the tickies for? When are you going to see Waiting for Godot? Are you going to post a lengthy review? :-) - MHC

They’re for Monday 9th, less than a week away!! I’ll try and post a review of some kind, but I’m not very with reviews and will probably just end up with “It was ace!!” :D - Timmargh

I hope you have a great time. :-) - MHC

Woah, Abba chick, hubba hubba! x - Elias

Have fun tomorrow, Tim. - MHC