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I’m not dead  6

Just incredibly unmotivated. Normal service will resume at some point, probably in the New Year.


I totally understand the feeling. Right now I want to greatly reduce my activities, I simply feel it’s not worth the effort or time. I’ll concentrate my energies on the blog I started instead. If I have anything to talk about, that is. Right now the world is [em]Bleh[/em]. - MacHeadCase

Glad to hear it, Tim.. was beginning to worry… - DrunkOnWine

Was also wondering what was up - pretty sure you weren’t dead, but you’re usually a far more active blogger than me! So not seeing anything for 3 months or so - i was a little worried I’ve been trying to motivate myself the last 6 months I try and do 1 or 2 posts a month though i had another month this year with nothing (so that makes april, august and september). I always find doing a wordpress upgrade gets me back in the mood or checking how much my site could be worth if it had more traffic (having stagnated at $241). is worth over $2000 now - stonysleep

That’s OK Tim. I’ve done this several times now. I’m actually just getting back in the groove. - Stretch

Hi Tim, “Happy Crimbo” and all that stuff ;) Hoping you have some more motivation soon as I often call in here to catch up with the latest bits. I only know 1 joke (8 legs/venison/two/dear) which I got from you! So look forward to some more… All the best, Hmmm… - Hmmm...

You’re -not- dead? God Damnit! What the hell happened to the assassin? - Darren