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The more trailers and clips I saw of this film the more excited and childlike I got about it. I love it when filmmakers manage to put to so much human-like character into something non-human and this film is a brilliant example of how entertaining anthropomorphism can be.

I had a smile on my face throughout virtually the entire film and giggled like a little kid on more than a few occasions. The visuals are superb and I often found myself glancing around the screen, noticing the myriad of details and extra touches that had been added.

The story is wonderful and very uplifting as we follow WALL•E on his journey, touching various robots and humans existence as he goes along. And of course with it being a film aimed at kids more so than adults, the ending was very obvious but no less pleasing for it.

This easily makes its way into my top ten.

5 ticks


I hope it’s not as sad as the teddybear in Artifical Intelligence… but I’m looking forward to it. :-) - Diddums

Oh yeah that’s another movie I want to see. That and the Dark Knight. Will wait till they reach DVD format though, can’t stand going to the cinema and it really has to be something to make me go. Cinema theatre: cell phones ringing, people talking, laughing, sound levels that make my eardrums bleed, etc. - MHC

I’m going to see this one on thursday… yay. - tugger

Great movie! Made me laugh like a child again! - Juniper