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Greens!  3

Hurrah, I finally got round to finishing the new design! Well, almost: I have a few little touches to finish up but the majority of the changes are done. On a technical note, it’s a lot simpler than the previous look using much fewer templates and files and having far less on-screen to distract.

There are a few additions, not least of all the return of categories — I honestly can’t remember why I got rid of them in the first place.

I’d be interested in peoples opinion, good or bad. Check out how I’ve done the category pages, i.e. the mouse roll-over, ‘cause I’m really chuffed how they came out.

I’m not entirely happy with the way comments are displayed and will be trying figure out how to get them looking decent, along with adding Gravatar support back in.

Any problems, let me know.


Excellent Tim, love it. Less distraction = good - Darren

I’m glad to see the categories. :-) It certainly doesn’t frazzle the eyes the way a paler site might do. - Diddums

Hiya, I love the colours. Only problem was working out where to click to comment.. took 7 whole seconds out of my life :-) you owe me! - tugger