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Who ate all the pies? Erm, I did.  8

I could be described as somewhat over my ideal weight. Or, if it’s someone like Tugger saying it, I’m a fat bastard.

No, it’s okay, I admit it: I could stand to lose a few pounds.

I have no idea how heavy I am but I do have a substantial belly of which I can only blame about 25% of on the curve in my spine. The last time I was weighed at Oswestry I was 11 stones and 3 pounds, although that was about four years ago, and I have gone up at least one trouser size since then.

Time to take some action!

There have been more than a few times that I’ve thought about it and even gone as far as telling people that I want to lose weight, but that’s about as far as it’s ever got. What’s different this time? Well, me and the carer are going to try to do it together, partly so we can support each other but also for the simple fact that if we’re both cutting down then there won’t be jealousy or temptation if one of us is eating bran flakes with bananas on whilst the other scoffs a bacon sandwich made with toasted bread and butter … *drool*

I’m hoping that if I write about here then it’ll motivate me to make an effort, although I am pretty good at resisting temptation most of the time, it’s laziness that is usually my downfall (a Twix is easier to eat than an apple!), so hopefully the carer can help there.

Of course there will be the odd occasion when I shall have to push the diet aside, when Tugger returns from his Peruvian adventure for example. Purely for his benefit of course …

My first healthy snack: an apple and an ounce of cheese … yum!

Photo of an apple and some cheese


Well done you. Maybe I’ll just join you too. Love you tum and all x x - me,Shirley Wendy

I’m unofficially following the SLimming World plan atm. After being on medication for years which caused me to gain 5st in almost 12 months, I decided it was time to try and lose it again. 38” waist was getting to depressing. I remember the days being only 8st!:( Down to a 36w already after just 6 weeks!;) Still some way to go though. - Tyla

Yer fat bast Good luck though! I’m unbelievably lucky with my weight. Ok, you lose weight, and I’ll get fit. - Darren

lol @ Darren… It’s a downhill struggle with the post 30 middle age spread… The spare tyre gets us all eventually ;) - Tyla

Nice one, just load up with fruit. I’ve found this fruit called chirimoya, which has a soft flesh and a very light and pleasant coconut taste. The additional benefit is that it kills appetite. It’s doubly hard for you because you find it hard to excercise, which is the best way to drop the pounds. Just middle-age spread which means you need to change a few things and go for long-term weight loss (over 6 months to 1 year) rather than the ‘cutting out everything’ diets which never work. Also, bin off the bran flakes. Everything by kelloggs is modified starch-based (ie sugar), and on top of that the bran flakes have about 30% added sugar, which is a couple of percent less than frosties, and way more than corn flakes. Big health fallacy. Same as muesli and ‘health’ bars. Go for shredded wheat (not shreddies) or weetabix, or tescos healthy-living muesli which actually tastes pretty good, especially with a few raspberries ;-) - tugger

@Tyla Me too! @Tugger I’m following a proper diet cutting out certain stuff and following guidelines. I do really like fruit so it shouldn’t be too difficult — I’m not expecting it to be easy or to yield fast results, but I had to do something sooner or later! - Timmargh

cheromoyas are cool. I’ve been on a diet for about a month and have lost about 6 pounds. That doesn’t seem too impressive but I’ve heard it’s better to shoot for a pound a week rather than a crash diet. I have been eating breakfast (bowl of oatmeal), eliminating most dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, forgoing cheese an mayo), laying off the sweets, and avoiding fatty red meat like bacon or hamburgers. It’s been working okay! - Webomatica

The “slow but sure” way seems to be working for me, too — I haven’t weighed myself but my trousers are definitely getting looser. I’ve been cutting down on sweets in a fairly major way and have been avoiding chocolate and crisps as much as I can. In fact I don’t think I’ve had any crisps for about six or eight weeks … blimey! - Timmargh