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Now the excitement’s died down  11

I had a fairly good birthday in the end — nothing too exciting but good nonetheless.

I got some nice presents including Beowulf and Gladiator on DVD, a couple of books, Audioslave’s self-titled album on CD, some deodorant/shower gel type smellies and plenty of chocolate, including some decidedly fishy looking ones from Belgium. Tugger bought me an iTunes voucher which I managed to stretch to four albums, a single, two music videos and an audiobook — not bad at all I thought!

I went out with the carer and some of her family for a meal at the Park Gate on the Thursday night and very nice it was too. On Friday me, mum, Russell and James (my brother and nephew respectively) went to the Old Leaky Well for lunch and then me, Matt and his mum went to see 10,000BC at the cinema. No parties, no all-night drinking sessions, no drug taking … it’s my age, see?

Thank you to everyone who emailed, commented or wrote on my Facebook wall with birthday wishes and an especially big thank you those who bought me gifts.

Normal service will resume shortly.


I’m back in Wales, which means now I’m more than an hour away from you, I can finally get your present to you! It makes sense somehow - Darren

Age? the last time we got onto an empty dance floor (to shake our stuff) was August 1998… so don’t give me age! Coming through your way on the 14th, so clear your schedule! - tugger

It wasn’t *that* long ago - what about the time I came up to Crewe and we ended in that nightclub? I seem to remember shaking my thang some that night! And I remember a rather nice young lady, too … - Timmargh

@Darren Makes sense to me too … I think. - Timmargh

Maybe it’s not too late to get this cool screen saver for your Mac for a birthday gift… Dropclock - MHC

Oh wow, that looks cool! - Timmargh

you look awful naked… - tugger

I know - Timmargh

Happy (belated) Birthday! - The Angry Gimp

Thanks! - Timmargh

Just read your latest entry. So glad you have crossed yet another hurdle. Love you Loads Mum x x - me,Shirley Wendy