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Different by (many) degrees  2

The weather here in Kidderminster, England, is being fairly average for the time of year:

Kidderminster, 10 degrees Celsius

I can’t really complain and must spare a thought for my brother in Oswego, Illinois:

Oswego, minus 6 degrees Celsius

But I can complain when I think about Tugger who’s currently residing in Lima, Peru:

Lima, 25 degrees Celsius

The bastard.


…and it’s not rained in this part of Peru for nearly 30 years, so the outlook is good. Being this dry, cars don’t rust, so today I was taxi’d across the city in a 1968 hillman hunter. Original vinyl seats and several million miles on the clock I’m guessing… awesome. - tugger

I hate you … but not enough not to sell you stuff! - Timmargh