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It’s a date!  4

Dear Mr. Griffin,

We anticipate delivery of your new powerchair to take place during the week commencing the 17th of December …

There was more but I was too giddy to read the rest.

Ooh, it’s just like Christmas! Oh, wait …


Judging by the name, I’d be severely disappointed if it didn’t have a set of gun turrets and rocket boosters on the back :D - Matt

Er, it’s got a horn … ! - Timmargh

And it’s a Balder, I see…. you flash git. Hope it’s wonderful - agh, I tried one once and it was truly fabulous, but when the salesman did the totting up I realised I’d have to discretely pretend to wait for ahem, ‘next month’s paycheck’ before placing my order. I’m looking forward to reading the post after 17th Dec… or maybe you’ll be too busy playing out (I know I would be)! PS Bert Massie has (or did have) a Balder, so you’re in good company. - Agent Fang

Thanks Fang. Yep, it’s a Balder; I’m being helped with the finances by my uncle and he got quite assertive when I tried to go for a cheaper but less suitable option — he’s “quite looking forward to seeing me in something worth sitting in for a change!” - Timmargh