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September ‘07 desktop  2


The wallpaper is Deep Siberia 2 from and the drive icons are taken from the Mac OS X Cats icons 2 set from McDo Design.

I think I may be keeping this wallpaper for a while to come as I absolutely love this photo — it reminds me of an idyllic scene from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring that makes me wanna be a hobbit and live in The Shire. And then get on a boat with Cate Blanchett and sail off into the sunset …


Nice desktop. One question… What’s the tool bar along the bottom with your todo list/clock etc? Seen it before in previous shots of your desktop and thought it kinda cool. - Alan Tyla

It’s Stattoo and it is a very handy tool for someone with a forgetful mind like me. - Timmargh