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Bloody weird  8

Andy tagged me … the bastard!

(Jus’ kiddin’ Andy ;^)

Each player has to list 6 weird things about themselves. The rules also have to be stated clearly. When you’re done with your 6 weird facts, tag 6 more people and list their names. Don’t forget to comment the person who tagged you to let them know you’re finished so they can stop by your blog!

Right, where to start … number one I guess:

  1. I was a ten month baby: I was due on Valentines Day (February 14th in case you didn’t know) but was actually born March 20th. This may explain my secret superpowers. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s still weird;
  2. for about three years, from the age of about 22, I went through a phase of having my head and beard shaved once a month and letting it all grow untamed in-between. Apparently I looked “as rough as a bears arse”;
  3. I can sleep through excessive noise but not light, i.e. I often fall asleep with my headphones on only to wake up at seven o’clock the next morning with the music still playing, but if I forget to put my TV on timer then I wake up about an hour after falling asleep. The doors from my bedroom to the conservatory are permanently open and the harder it’s raining, the quicker I fall asleep;
  4. I have an uncanny knack of remembering where things are even when I’ve not specifically looked for or at them. I can glance in a drawer when looking for something and then, when asked where something is, remember that it was in that drawer I looked in three weeks earlier — I can’t remember when I looked in the drawer, just that the item is there. Unfortunately I can also think of something really important that I need to do … and then forget it thirty seconds later;
  5. I don’t mind spiders and will go out my way not to hurt them unless they touch me — then it’s a “me or them” death situation and, so far, I’ve been the survivor in each encounter. When I say “I don’t mind spiders” I’m not counting the time when I found myself in a pet shop surrounded by lots of vivariums containing many different types of large spider and tarantula: on that occasion I was virtually paralysed with fear and had trouble controlling my bowels, let alone being able to move — no doubt my eldest brother will remember that day with affection as he found it more than a little amusing … the bastard;
  6. I can remember all the names from the form register in my second year at the Royal Worcester Grammar School. I have no idea why as I never had to read it out myself or made any attempt to purposely memorise it;

As for tagging people, the first six commenters who have their own site can consider themselves tagged.

Go on … comment. You know you want to!


Oi… less of the cheek you! (good 6 things tho!) - andyk

PS - I don’t count, cos I’ve already done it. The next 6 peeps have to do it! ;) - andyk

There is a lot of them around at the moment ! - Sally

1. I can dilate my pupils at will (and I can make my eyes vibrate in their sockets, but only for about 5 secs) 2. I can pick a 20 note off the floor with my mouth, with just the soles of my feet touching the aforementioned floor. 3. I can forget something I did wrong quicker than anyone else I know. Usually within seconds. 4. I can turn my tongue upside-down as far as my back teeth. 5. I can bark perfectly, there’s no dog I can’t fool! - tugger

Weirdo. My mam told me about blokes like you… - Wayne Smallman

Hello timmargh, its chad. I like your site, and wanted to comment so i’ll comment on this. 1. I find it weird sometimes how as long as everyone around me is happy i will be happy, like i could be sitting on a stinging nettle and be sunburnt and have bitten my tongue, and aslong as people are happy, i will be in the best of moods. 2. I like to listen to audiobooks, might not sound weird but not many people respect it and think it’s weird, but if i read the book i’d be ‘interlecual’ but i cant read books very well i get distracted and think of other things whilst reading the words, anyway, i have listened to a lot of starwars audiobooks, but dont have any full collections, so it’s usually the end half or start, but i like it anyway, it’s like watching a film in your mind. And i listen to a lecturer from the 70’s called alan watts, and he’s a philosopher i really like. I could babble all day. 3. I find programming exciting, which is weird because it’s seen to be geeky to the outside world. But i dont care, its a skill that can make alot of money and i enjoy doing it. Is that weird? yes.. but i think its a great brain workout, keeps you on your toes. 4. I love star trek, and will admit that to anyone. Most people have a pre judgemental thought on star trek because they’ve heard it on films, tv, etc, but never watched it. And i think its great, shatner, patrick stewart, the borg.. i could go on. It’s genius. 5. I like to be awake at night rather in the day, but i would rather wish i could stay awake forever. For some reason…. I dont know why, like now, its 5am, i’m fine, i naturally want to stay up at night. Could be good in future.. i could work night shifts and get more money.. 6. I can easily spend hours at a time, doing nothing. I could keep my self entertained by looking at the patterns on the wall for an hour. It’s like i have no bordem meter. If i have nothing to do, then i am happy to do nothing. Just think in my head, thats another point, i make my self laugh, i tell jokes in my head and think of funny plot lines and alsorts. Anyway, i could write an essay. I dont know if you read these timmargh but maybe it’ll be a funny read. Enjoy. - Chad

#5. Oh yes, I do remember and just cried again with amusement.You shat a breeze block, how on earth can you describe it as “being OK with spiders”? Sat here with Mum and Rosie,just been bike riding in the rain and this has just sealed the day as perfect,thanks mate, I remember why I love you now……:-) - #1

Thanks for that bro’ … you bastard! I’m glad my distress brings you happiness. :^P When I say “OK with spiders” I’m talking about the ones that appear in my house and, last time I checked, there weren’t any Bolivian bird-eating spiders or orange-kneed tarantulas on the ceiling above my bed … - Timmargh