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B.A.D.D. 2007  3

I’ve been incredibly remiss and haven’t written anything for this year’s Blogging Against Disablism Day … which is today! My life is in a bit of a spin at the moment, hence the lack of activity here.

The Goldfish has very impressive list of all the ‘blogs taking part this year so feel free to mosey on over and have a read of one or ten.


Oh interesting! If I had a blog I would write something. Maybe I should do it in your comments, but I wouldn’t know what to say plus I’d be taking all the limelight from you with my much, much worse disability I’m going to make disabled top-trumps. “What’s your crip factor?” “It’s 8!” “Mine’s 9, and I’ve got the dribble bonus.” - Darren

Ahahaha! That’d be brilliant. “Can you control your bowels?” “Yes.” “I can’t. IN! YOUR! FACE!” Etc. - Timmargh

Hope things sort themselves out, Tim… - Wayne Smallman