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So, I met this girl …  4

… back in April last year and, for me at least, it was love at first sight. I only saw her briefly and there were other people there all vying for her attention, but I was besotted. At first she didn’t even notice me — she’d look in my direction occasionally but hardly ever acknowledged my existence. She did smile once though, so I knew she’d seen me.

The second time I saw her I got the chance to speak to her — I chatted about this and that but she was pretty unresponsive and didn’t seem like she wanted to listen to me. I didn’t give up, though.

I got to see her now and again over the summer last year and she slowly seemed to be paying me more attention. I kept trying to talk to her, telling her about myself and asking her stuff, but the conversations were always one-sided.

I still see her nowadays, not too often but regularly enough, and I’m still madly in love with her — she probably knows it and, to be honest, I hope she does.

Someone took a picture of us together back in December and I think you’ll agree with me when I say she’s gorgeous.


Dude… she’s a bit young for my liking, but each to his own! - andyk

Ahhh - you really had me guessing. :-). - Diddums

You totally had me chasing the Red Herring ! If you’re cleared, tell us who the little angel is. - Murphy

She’s my carer’s great-niece (i.e. her niece’s daughter). - Timmargh