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One year older  24

I’m 22 years old today. Yes, that’s right: 22 … in hexadecimal.

(That’s 34 in decimal.)

So, what to say about it? Erm, not much. How about a list? Yeah: a list of … things I like. Sounds good.

  1. the sound of rain;
  2. cheese on toast;
  3. Futurama;
  4. coffee;
  5. laughing;
  6. taking photos;
  7. singing along to loud music;
  8. summertime;
  9. gadgets;
  10. QI;
  11. having a laugh with friends;
  12. watching a thunderstorm;
  13. playing cards;
  14. Ribena;
  15. being greeted by Rocco;
  16. homemade chips;
  17. waking up and realising it’s not time to get up yet;
  18. Family Guy;
  19. The Order Of The Stick;
  20. telling someone a joke they haven’t heard;
  21. opening an email from someone who isn’t trying to sell me something;
  22. getting a comment on one of my photos;
  23. finding something worth watching on the TV;
  24. gin and bitter lemon;
  25. watching rallying;
  26. science fiction;
  27. Discworld;
  28. cinder toffee;
  29. pineapple;
  30. dogs;
  31. having my hair dried by someone with a towel;
  32. laughing so hard it gives me a stitch;
  33. Erica Campbell;
  34. Wikipedia;


Happy birthday Tim! Hope you enjoy at least some of the 34 favourite things today. Love and hugs xxx - Sue Horne

Happy Birthday! - andyk

Many happy returns of the day! I love the idea of the list. I’ll be able to write a longer one when it’s my turn. :-). - Diddums

Happy Birthday. Still not as old as me. Come on, catch up! - pb

Happy Birthday Sweetness x x x x - Sera

Thank you everyone! - Timmargh

Happy Birthday! - Stretch

Belated Happy Birthday Timmargh! Although I wish you hadn’t mentioned cinder toffee… mmmmm… - The Goldfish

Happy Birthday Timmargh! You like watching rallying? Like WRC rallying? - SoulSniper

Lovely list, penblwdd happus and all that - Darren

Thanks everyone. Goldfish: the carer bought me some the other day - Rocco likes it too, although he’d probably eat anything if I pretended it was food. SoulSniper: yep, I stay up to watch WRC when it’s on. I was a big fan of Richard Burns. By the way: have you spotted my new car? Darren: eh? ;^) - Timmargh

What, is cinder toffee? A clueless Yank wants to know :) - imfunny2

It’s basically honeycomb - I think it’s called ‘sponge candy’ or ‘sea foam’ in the US. - Timmargh

Happy Birthday!!! - LobsterMan

Belated happy birthday Tim, and thanks for the elucidation of cinder toffee. I like honeycomb toffee too, especially where the bits are going just slightly soft and chewy. - charlesdawson

I’m late but… A happy birthday to you Timmy! :^D - MHC

Thanks LobsterMan. Charles: I’ll agree with that - the best Maltesers are the chewy ones. MHC: I’ll let you off seeing as you did send me a nice iCard … ;^) - Timmargh

Hi Tim, many happy returns of your birthday, better late than never I hope! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog - I hope you’re feeling more cheerful too today - you’re doing well with that positive thinking malarkey! I thoroughly enjoy QI too! :) All the Best, Suze x - suzie q

Sorry I missed your birthday post Hope you had a good one Excellent list - very down to earth - stonysleep

Great list. One thing I really like is Discworld, if only TP wrote quicker!! Philip - Philip

Update us Tim - Darren

Happy belated birthday! Just turned 34 myself on April 7. My husband has FSHD and I’ve just stumbled on your site (we live in the US). Thanks for an informative and entertaining site, I’m putting you in my favorites! - Melanie

You missed out wanking on your things you like list - Neill

Thanks, bro - I knew I could count on you! :^P - Timmargh