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A new car!  8

In amongst what is increasingly turning out to be an unbelievably shit year already, something good has happened: my new car was delivered. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I was getting one — I decided to try and keep my mouth shut to prevent Sod’s Law from casting its effects …

It’s a Renault Kangoo Expression and was converted for wheelchair access by Gowrings Mobility. I got a good deal with money off an extra rear seat (it comes with one as standard) and metallic paint and alloy wheels thrown in. The colour is “intense blue”:

Kangoo exterior

Kangoo exterior

Kangoo exterior

I also have some particular unexciting shots of the interior.

I’m just a passenger but I’ve managed to insure it for any driver over the age of 25 years for a quite reasonable £350. So, expect to read about some of my excursions and a revitalised photostream on my Flickr account.


Well finally something good is happening to you, mister Tim! Congrats! *Off to see those interior pictures of yours* - MHC

That’s great! Now you can give J Clarkson a run for his money! - charlesdawson

“Intense blue” looks so much better than it sounds! Keep us posted, Tim. Lots of love, Sue xxx - Sue Horne

Excellent news Tim - looks nice in blue. I never associate Kangoo’s with that colour, not sure why. It sounds like you’re getting a better deal on the insurance than I get! You say you’re only a passenger - when do you get to drive it? - stonysleep

Cool… so how do you get in and out in the chair? Does the back fold down into a ramp like that big truck they had in knight rider? - andyk

Timmargh, it looks like they built your car backwards, the steering wheel is on the wrong side! j/k Excellent color choice. - Stretch

Nice motor, Tim. Should make things easier to say the least … great timing, summer is only a stones throw away, just in time to get out there and do a spot of birdwatching. I’d take you out myself but I live frickin miles away. Oh, and nice shot of your feet by the way … ;) - Damien

Andy: the back door lifts up (it’s hinged at the top) and a ramp folds down but it doesn’t quite compare with Knightrider … - Timmargh