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Five things about me  7

I’ve been tagged by Wayne Smallman in a meme, the subject of which you can guess from the title. I did a similar thing of my own accord a while back but I thought I’d do this one too as it’d be rude not to.

Now, to come up with five things you’re unlikely to already know … *thinks*

  1. When I could still stand up and had the strength to straighten the curve in my spine (it’s purely down to muscle weakness) I was 5 feet 11 inches tall. I’m quite broad too — my chest is 44 inches — and Professor Edwards (the specialist on a research program I volunteered for) said that but for having muscular dystrophy I’d be “quite a hefty guy”;
  2. During most of my 3 week stay in hospital just over a year ago, the neighbouring bed was occupied by a 70 year-old man named Roger. During our respective time there we talked for hours and learned a lot about each others’ lives and we still keep in touch, talking on the ‘phone about once every month;
  3. I can take ages to read a book as I like to visualise each scene in my head as it’s described in the book, getting the surroundings and positioning of characters and scenery correct — if I don’t understand a certain part or can’t figure something out I re-read the passage until I can. Some call it “anally retentive”; I call it “getting the most from a book”;
  4. I seem to be developing an obsession for all things Lord Of The Rings: I love the films, I’m currently (slowly …) enjoying reading the books and don’t even get me started on the music from the films! I also regularly lose hours of my time browsing The Encyclopaedia of Arda;
  5. I don’t think Harry Potter will die in the seventh book.

I’m tagging Andyk, charlesdawson, Diddums, Agent Fang and MHC.


Timmy… you are a bastard. Now I have to let a few more secrets out of the closet… ;) - Andyk

Okay Tim, on the case. Would you pluck the heart out of my mystery? - charlesdawson

Sorry guys … ;^) - Timmargh

(#3) It must be disappointing to see movies based on books you’ve read if they’re not like you imagined them - LobsterMan

I’d never really thought about that to be honest. I’m not really that widely read so most film/book stories I’ve enjoyed have been film first, book second. - Timmargh

Oops! You caught me sleeping there, Tim. I will post on this this weekend sir! :^) - MHC

Not sleeping as heavily as me - sorry! Done mine now. - Diddums