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Timmargh’s review of 2006  11

Overall, it was a bit shit.

The end.


Happy New Year !!! - Sue Horne

Hey, happy new year Tim It can’t have been that shit! We started talking more and I.. oh. - Grix

Best wishes for a better 2007! - LobsterMan

Thanks Sue. Thanks Grix ;^D And thanks Rubin. - Timmargh

That made my day. - Bert

2007 will be better, Tim. - MHC

Well at least probability dictates that this year will be an improvement on the last. Certainly hope it will be - and well done for getting through such a rough 2006 intact. - The Goldfish

I couldn’t agree more :P Let’s hope 2007 is a bit better! Happy New Year Tim :) - Gimpy Mumpy

Am sure 2007 will be better for you Happy New Year! - stonysleep

Happy New Year Tim, to you and yours. :0) - Agent Fang

Look on the bright side: at least it wasn’t “really crap”. ;-) All the best for 2007. - McV