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More thoughts about this place  9

I’ve been unhappy with this place for a while. I’m chuffed with the way it looks and is laid out (ignoring the fact that Internet Explorer is a pile of shit and gets it wrong) but I always feel like the posts are haphazard and cluttered.

So, I think I’m gonna do some serious reorganisationalingisms.

First off: the categories. I recently took the list of categories out of the right-hand column and slapped them on the Archive page - did any of you notice this? Do any of you care? Do any of you use any of the category specific RSS feeds? Did any of you even realise things were organised into categories? Is anyone reading this? Hello?

My thinking is to split the site into just three categories: one for personal stuff, one for entertainment (films, music, jokes etc.) and one for technical (computers, tutorials, wallpapers etc.) and make these choices more prominent. I’m also considering use a cookie-type system so if you select one category then you’ll see the same one anytime you return here. Of course I’ll add the option of viewing more than one category at a time, too.

I’ll also finish the job of tagging all the posts properly so people can find all the posts about things like Automator, family, jokes etc. easily. I’ve done a bit of tagging already (check the Archive page for a list of tags) and have done some jiggery-pokery so you can type something like:

… and be taken to a list of entries tagged with “humour” - this is handy because you can bookmark the page and check back in future if you’re only interested in a particular subject.

When all this re-re-reshuffling is going to occur, I can’t say - I’ll have a think, try some things out and then spring it on you sometime in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions will be gratefully received. Any criticisms will be met with futile rage and whinging.


In all honesty I didn’t notice that but I only really come here to read your most recent entries, then I bugger off again cos I’ve been reading your blog for years! ;) - Andyk

It all looks good to me - your future plans sound good too. Every so often we get twitchetty, and want a change. I’ve changed mine 3 or 4 times by now. - Diddums

Whatever you want Timbob, I just like to read - Grix

The place looked good before and arguably looks better now Every now and again i go on a bit of a blitz on my blog but i either run out of time or something frustrates me. So it’s a slow process. The again it’s only been a year or so that my blog’s been running so early days! I tried out the winter look when you created it and looking forward to it being the default now that all the leaves have fallen - stonysleep

It’s funny you should be looking into this because I’ve got the same thing in mind. I need to update my ‘blog with a new design, and the new year is the time I’ve pencilled in. “Iíll also finish the job of tagging all the posts properly…” Worth doing. I’ve gone back through nearly all of my articles and I’ve seen my organic traffic shoot up as a result… - Wayne Smallman

Less categories is generally good. - LobsterMan

I’ve not been visiting for long enough to observe changes however I can tell you that with the various sites and things that I run, I am aware that *I* spend much more time thinking about *my* sites than other people do. If YOU think you have come up with a better way of doing things, chances are that you have. So go for it. ;-) - McV

No problems with the layout; it’s fine, so is the content. I feel the present colours are a bit SAD, though! - charlesdawson

“Iíll also finish the job of tagging all the posts properly so people can find all the posts…” I’ve found that to be well worth the effort. That and infusing the article with said tags really has boasted by standing in the search engines… - Wayne Smallman