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Life goes on  1

It’s Dad’s birthday tomorrow - he would’ve been 66 years-old. I’m doing pretty well at the moment - the grief of losing Dad comes and goes but on the whole I can keep a handle on things. I’m not bottling anything up but I can do my crying with a clear head … if that makes sense. I get the impression from my family that I’m doing “better” than them, not that it’s a competition or anything!

The cremation and memorial services are booked - we’re having them on separate days so we can keep the cremation low-key and private and have room to breathe between the two. I’m trying to sort out the Order Of Service for the memorial and my indecisive nature is proving troublesome - Dad wasn’t a religious man at all so I’m trying to keep a balance of it being non-religious enough but at the same time not wanting to make it too much the other way. The vicar conducting the service is a friend of Mum’s and is, helpfully, quite flexible.

I’ve also knocked together a “memory card” after a suggestion by one of my brothers and his wife; this is basically a card with a photo of Dad, the dates of his birth and death, details of the service and another photo with an accompanying poem written by my (very talented) cousin - I’ll post the second photo and the poem sometime after the funeral.

In a brief moment of clarity I realised that there would be more than a few people at the memorial service that I haven’t seen for some time and I’m guessing some of them will be wanting my contact details - forgive me if I’m being presumptuous by assuming this but it’s usually the case! In anticipation of this, I’ve ordered myself some MiniCards with my name, email address etc. on so I can just give one to anyone who’s interested. I managed to bag a free sample of ten a week or so ago and have to say they’re quite groovy - I’ve ordered a hundred which have set me back a mere 19.99USD.

I have a few ideas queued up that I’d like to post on here but at the moment I’m also struggling with apathy so it’ll probably be a while be normal service is resumed.


That’s quite all right, Tim. No need to rush. Just take your time in all this, we’ll still be here for you. - MHC