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Dad’s memorial service  6

I’ve been meaning to write this up for days … damned apathy!

The whole day on Saturday went well, the weather was dry (but a bit chilly!), lots of people turned up (over 200) and the food at the pub was great.

The service itself took place at Great Witley Church which is a pretty nice place as churchs go - the ceiling is beautiful and well known (apparently) and the whole place is bright and airy (there are some photos at the bottom of this post). We picked that particular church because it was where Mum and Dad were married (just over 43 years ago) and Mum knows the vicar, Reverend Alan Norkett, really well.

Me and my two brothers meeted and greeted people at the door and there were plenty of people that I hadn’t seen for a while, some for over 20 years. There were quite a few of Mum and Dad’s friends that I’d never met, too, although most of them knew all about me … We had three cheerful hymns — “Morning Has Broken”, “He Who Would Valiant Be” and “Jerusalem” — a reading done by Sue P (a family friend) and the eulogy read out between me and my two brothers.

Most of the congregation retired to The Hundred House afterwards (photo by Andrew Mawby) and we were treated to some superbly prepared food - there was beef casserole, jacket potatoes, chicken curry, rice, vegetable lasagne, chips and a selection of vegetables … delicious stuff. I ate plenty, talked plenty and generally had a good time.

Thanks Dad, take it easy.


Good choices! I can’t think of a better place than beautiful GW church for a memorial service - full of light and very peaceful. I trust you didn’t let any uncle or anyone else get you too drunk at the Hundred House this time (see your old comment on my shot). Best wishes. Andrew PS Flash of Light’s pictures, above, come up at VERY low resolution on my browser. Is there a problem? - Andrew Mawby

Ha! No, I only had the one G+T this time. The pictures should just be thumbnails but I’m using some home-botched CSS technique which strictly speaking shouldn’t apply to them … so I’ll remove it. Incidentally, which browser are you using? - Timmargh

MS Internet Explorer. Photos are fine now - appearing as thumbnails, as you say. My wife keeps telling me Firefox is better because it is less tolerant of sloppy HTML. (Or is it the other way round?) - Andrew Mawby

Ah, I thought I’d hidden the CSS from IE … obviously not! Firefox is better if only from a security point of view: Browse Happy. - Timmargh

“Jerusalem”, good choice. I don’t know whether I let on or not, but I lost my mum in 2003, so I’m with you, fella. Not good, but the pain’ll pass… - Wayne Smallman

Yeah, you said in a comment on one of my photos of dad. And thanks. - Timmargh