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A ray of sunshine amidst the gloom  4

Ooh, how good is that title?

I got a telephone call on Thursday or Friday of last week from a guy named Ian at Balder who’re the company I’m hoping to buy the controls from for my new car - after the introductions the conversation went along the lines of:

Him: “You enquired about our controls? Well, we have a vehicle in the country available for you to take a test drive in.”
Me: “Excellent! When?”
Him: “Tuesday the 17th?”
Me: “Great! Where are you?”
Him: “Hampshire.”
Me: “Ah, I’ll have to try and arrange transport, someone to come with me, someone else to help me in and out of the car - I’ll try and make it but I can’t guarantee it …”
Him: “We’ll come to you.”
Me: “Fucking marvellous! Oops, excuse me …”

So, on Tuesday sometime after 11 o’clock I should be cruising around Kidderminster in a car/van/vehicle of some kind and it’ll be the first time I’ll have driven in the last 15 months, so finger crossed that I don’t trash it!


Good luck on getting back onto the road. I don’t know what i’d do without a car. - LobsterMan

That is sexy news, Tim. Hope all went well! - MHC

fantastic! you need to go to a drive-thru maccy-d’s to make full use of the test drive! I’ll have a plain 1/4 punder meal if you’re going, diet coke, cheers. - tugger

You’re too late, fat boy! I got to drive a Mercedes Veto (it felt huge) - I’ll explain all the good and bad news in an entry later. - Timmargh