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Click! Click! Clunk. Er …  9

After about 26 months and over 9 thousand photos my trusty little Canon Ixus i has given up the ghost.

9 thousand? Nine thousand??!? That’s an average of … *grabs calculator* … 11 per day, everyday.

So said some clever person (not me).

Anyway, it’s finished. Kaput. Gone. Doesn’t work. I’ve no idea why - it started locking up at inappropriate moments about a month ago and the only way to get it going again was to take the battery out, wait a moment and then put it back it. Now it locks up as soon as you try and focus on something.

I’ve tried all the usual tried and tested methods of repair: swearing; blowing in holes and the less helpful but most satisfying “percussive maintenance”.

And now I come across a problem: I’m saving every possible penny I can to put toward my new car so can I justify spending 200GBP on a new camera? I’m thinking “No”.



I reckon you should buy the camera, Tim. Photography is something you’re good at now. “Smell the flowers whilst you can.” (Don’t know who said that but it wasn’t me!) - Sue Horne

The more I think about it the more I’m inclined to agree with you, Sue. I wouldn’t say I was good (I go for the "take a thousand shots and there has be to be one good one in there somewhere" approach) but I do enjoy capturing a moment. - Timmargh

Also, the price of the camera is peanuts, compared with the car. - Sue Horne

What a shame - and i’d agree that is a lot of photos for 26 months Perhaps you could skimp a little bit on the aircon in the kangoo? First thing i thought is whether it’s worth trying to get it repaired, or at the very least get a quote for the repair - stonysleep

change your home insurance excess to 0. Mine went up 8 when I did that. Wait 2 months and then use it. I saw a lovely konica the other day… and usually have lots of digi-cam deals going.. Alex - tugger

I was considering claiming off the house insurance but the bloody thing seems to have gotten a new lease of life - it hasn’t locked up the last few times I’ve used it. - Timmargh

[control][alt] & [delete] - tugger

What is this "[control][alt] & [delete]" of which you speak? It sounds like some primitive, crude tool for use with an inferior system of working … - Timmargh

Even with 11 photos a day, a good camera should last longer… oh well… - LobsterMan