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A Dad update: a smile and some good news  7

(See my previous entry.)

My Mum sent an email to all our friends and relatives the other day and a bit in the middle made me smile:

… We are also spending time ski-ing (spending kids inheritance) with visits to garden centres, expensive retail outlets (shops) and most of all food suppliers. B [Dad] has taken to both choosing and COOKING his average of six meals a day, which pleases the wife immensely …

And here’s the good news

Dad went for his third dose of chemotherapy on Monday - while he was there they took a chest x-ray and, after checking it out, they informed him that the tumour has shrunk. He sent me a text message telling me the details and I actually let out a shout for joy which made Rocco jump! They took him off the steroids, too, so we’ll see if he keeps his appetite.

Bloody marvellous news.


Bloody good news… - tugger

Excellent news Timbo! Keep us posted - Grix

Thanks for the update, Tim. Like you said, bloody marvellous news! - Sue Horne

That’s excellent news, Tim! All the best for the coming weeks and months. - The Goldfish

Good to hear Tim. - Stretch

Super stuff! Glad to hear it. - Danielle

Great to hear the good news, Tim. Wish him the best. - bobrocky