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Bloody security updates  12

After having to restart my iMac after installing the latest security update I present my new uptime record, beating the last one by 18 hours:



I was hoping this update would cure Safari’s latest crashing hiccups because there is word that there is an WebKit evolution in this one. Well the damn update didn’t cure those total freezes… Gah. *mumble* *grumble* - MHC

Curses! - Timmargh

I didn’t realise Mac users had problems with updates; I thought it was all confined to Windows [sigh]. One delight of the latter is the regular Microsoft Updates which for some reason always irritated my virus protection program, so that it thought they were spyware and kept turning them off. - charlesdawson

The updates aren’t a problem as such, I just don’t like having to reboot - I had enough of that when I had a PC. - Timmargh

It’s just that Tiger’s Safari is way too sensitive and crashes for me once in a while. You always remember those crashes when you were almost finished with a very lengthy post and then you have to force quit it. It has happened to me three times since the beginning of January. The other crashes didn’t matter much, I wasn’t posting or anything. Think I’ll be using Camino instead for a little while till Safari clears up its sinuses. - MHC

Have you tried Shiira? - Timmargh

Yeah I love Shiira but I hesitate to try it since it is based on the same WebKit and rendering engine as Safari. My reasoning behind this is if Safari is coughing up fur balls, Shiira will too. I might try it just the same and see if it’s only Safari that is acting like a goof. If not I’m gonna go with Camino. - MHC

Good point. - Timmargh

Update! - Grix

Could wafu above in the comments be using this SEO contest trick? - MHC

Ah, I knew nothing about that - cheers, MHC. *delete* - Timmargh