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Wild weather  12

Yesterday was a lot of fun for me: headache, tingly arms (and one more embarrassing symptom). Why? Here’s why:


Happens to me every time there’s a storm brewing - maybe I should change my name to “Lightning Bloke”, “Storm Geezer” or something similar.

Oh, and it’ll be minus 100 points to whoever suggests “Thunder Pants” …


I was going to say… Nah, never mind. ;^) - MHC

Careful, Tim. Lightning strikes the highest point! - Sue Horne

Sue, you flatter me! - Timmargh

What exactly is the ‘embarrassing symptom’? Because I want to make fun of it. - Scatman John

Well, I hope they stop and you feel better, But personally, I LOVE thunderstorms. - LobsterMan

John: read comment #2 and draw your own conclusions. - Timmargh

It’s Thunder-Shaft! Whenever you need somewhere to hang your umbrella after coming in from a storm, he’ll be there! - Grix

Or Lightning Rod… ;^) - MHC

Hahaha! - Timmargh

… or “Weather Cock”. A meteorologist with a unique tool! - Sue Horne

I prefer the handle, “ThunderPants”; if I were you I’d drop all the other junk, and stick with this one. Thunderpants has a certain, Flashman appeal. - Colin Sullivan

Have just found your site and am enthralled. Really, you’re a male (presumably straight) British version of myself! Will be returning often, particularly when I’m procrastinating (as I am at this very moment). So ya think storms and MD (in my case SMA, close enough) don’t mix well? Try living in the lightning capital of the US with two metal rods holding your spine up and a service dog who always has to go poo in the middle of the daily summer storms. Bah. Will return, and look forward to making friends! - Becky