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I’ve been a bit quiet lately for various reasons - I’m going to be all mysterious and only mention some of them …

It’s been HOT here lately!

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Usually the heat isn’t too much of a problem for me, apart from the sweaty bollocks (what?), but I actually had trouble sleeping the other night - this is quite unheard of for me … well, apart from when I’m overcoming an addiction that is! Poor old Rocco has been laid out most of the time - he had a trim not too long ago so he’s not too hairy and N regularly drapes a damp tea towel over him to cool him down.

Neill, my middle brother who moved to Oswego (Illinois) just over two years ago, is coming over here for two weeks (I think) on the 7th of August - it’ll be good to see him and catch up. We talk regularly on the ‘phone but seeing him in person gives me the opportunity to call him “fat bastard” and do all those other things that us men do to hide our true feelings … ;^)

I haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting on my iMac lately other than cleaning out loads of crap and organising stuff, i.e. deleting old songs, movies and images I didn’t want and tagging everything I can so it’s easier to find. I finally downloaded and installed Quicksilver after reading many, many people rave about it and I have to admit it has made my life easier. I’ll talk more about it when I have time.

Hope you’re all doing well!


I’ve read about the hot weather in Europe. In that aspect, this year we’ve been doing pretty well but we’ve paid somehow by having a bad rainy summer. Just this week we’ve finally had two straight sunny days or more bunched up together. What prompted us buying the air conditioners we now have was about four summers ago I think. We had well over three weeks of sunny, hot and humid 40C+ temps (humidity factor included) days. A couple of days in there even tipped slightly over 46C. Needless to say it was horrible. Used to be able to sleep with a simple fan on, aimed at the bed. But in those times, the fan felt like it was mixing hot air in an oven and it got to the point where, with my lung problems, I panicked one night and thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe and had to try sleeping sitting upright. So we bought two air conditioners for the apartment, one for each end, and it feels a lot better. But it still gets uncomfortable inside when it is that hot and humid outside anyway. So I deeply sympathize with you guys. - MHC

We’re just not used to the heat, plus it came on pretty sudden with little build up. And the humidity … oh, the humidity! I’m praying for another decent thunder storm … ;^) - Timmargh

I bet you are you dirty dawg Back in Wales, it’s been reasonably cool. Just kinda close (What the hell does that word mean anyway), and I think we’ve got a thunderstorm coming, seems like it anyway. I’ll go out in it tonight if there is one - Grix

It thundered like hell this morning and I couldn’t help thinking about Tim! - Sue Horne

Just a report No thunderstorm The fans are disappointed - Grix

Haha. - Timmargh

hey im amy, i got ccd dont know if u heard o it, it abit like md but non-progressive, if wanna chat my addy is - amy

It’s pretty rough down south too - it’s 9pm and still 30 degC outside! The thunderstorms have not come and they’ve been predicting them for 2 weeks We had our water delivery at work today which was good, but i imagine 8x5 litre bottles will not last the week and i will have to resume filling 2 litre bottles and freezing them overnight at some point. They’re now saying thunderstorms for thursday, and i tell you the garden could really do with it, because we have a hosepipe ban too so just keeping the plants alive is hard enough let alone the grass - stonysleep