This site is now an archive. You can find my current stuff here → as a graph  7

Following MHC and Stony in a meme-type way, here’s shown as a graph: as a graph

The different coloured blobs represent different elements within the HTML - you can see this graph grow and discover which colour matches which element or go to the site and enter your own address.


Pretty nifty, isn’t it? I love this kinda stuff. Try this one too! It’s gorgeous but it quickly becomes uhm overpopulated if the website is full of stuff. I have a feeling that yours is in this category! :^D - MHC

A tryphid riding a bicycle? Why not make a collection of you favourite sites and flog it to the Tate Gallery for a few grand! - Sue Horne

Fantastic I like the comparison of your site to mine: I really ought to work on it one day - Grix

And if anyone wants to see mine in action, here you go! :^) - MHC

Grix :^D MHC Cool. - Timmargh - that’s hilarious! Having been corrected on what the blobs represented i have updated my blog entry so i’m not making stuff up The perils of blogging late at night! - stonysleep

Now all that is left is to figure out what all those dots and lines mean… - LobsterMan