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I’m still here  6

… but I’ve been to busy to post anything worthwhile, so a few quickies:

  • I’m having a conservatory built and it’s coming along slowly but surely; Billy, N’s brother-in-law, is doing it for us in his spare time - he was here until 11 o’clock last night building the rear wall! I’ll upload some photos to my Flickr account soon and update them as it progresses;
  • with any luck I should be going down to Southampton on Friday for Tugger’s annual non-birthday birthday party - his birthday’s December 25th so having a party around then is a no-go. If previous years are anything to go by then I should be drunk and perving at Jane’s arse by 6 o’clock;
  • I’ve got a new mobile phone: a Nokia 6131 - it’s shiny and it goes “ping”;

If I make it to the party then I’ll take lots of pictures and share them next week. Until then, byeeee!


I can’t make it to the party: I was all up for getting a lift down on Friday but it turns out that my Wheelchair Services appointment can’t be rescheduled and I can’t get a lift on Saturday. Oh well, I’ll just have to make an extra effort for next year - at least by then I should be able to drive myself down.

Spoke to Tugger and he said we’ll go out in a couple of weeks - looking forward to that now!


Have fun, you perv… uhm you party freak, you! :^D Post plenty of pictures! :^) - MHC

good luck with the conservatory - jr

Aww no party… Well that conservatory is coming along nicely. - MHC

Hope you’re not too disappointed, Tim. At least you’ve got last year’s arse in the archives! Love from Sue x - Sue Horne

I think Jane should give you a new picture of her arse to make up for missing it. Good to see you’re alive and well. Ciao. - Notorious Biggles

You spoke to Tugger? Wasn’t that the name of Russel Crowe’s boat in South Park? Makin’ movies, makin’ songs, an’ fightin’ round the world! - Tonay