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A few statistics  3

This site has just passed the 1,000 comments marker so I thought I’d bore you all with some stats.

I visit my Mint installation once a day — it’s part of my morning routine — and I am mildly pleased to see a slowly changing trend.


Back in October last year, 43% of people visiting were using Internet Explorer, 36% Firefox and 17% Safari. Today, however, things have improved somewhat:

Browser pie chart May 06

(Note: Flickr says: “Flickr Terms of Service specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page.” so clicking an image will do just that. To view an image full-size (if it has been shrunk) then go to its page on Flickr (i.e. click it) and then select ALL SIZES, just above the image itself.)

IE still has a big chunk but Safari comes out top!


No doubt due to the fact that a significant percentage of my entries are aimed squarely at Mac users, visitors using Mac operating systems have increased:

Platform pie chart May 06

Windows still comes out on top (only just!) but that’s a significant growth - back in October it was 77% Windows and 22% Mac.

Daily number of visitors

Not much change here. Back in October I was averaging about 50 unique visitors with about 80 total visits per day, whereas now:

Fresh View, week, May 06

Unique visits are up slightly and total visits are up a fair amount - you people must be gluttons for punishment as you keep coming back!

Search terms and pages

And finally: the words people use to find this place. Most popular at the moment, strangely, is “similies” which points people to Metaphors and similies, followed by “grim fandango mac” from people looking for, unsurprisingly, Grim Fandango.

A few times I’ve seen “timmargh” or “timothy griffin” pop up in the list along with names of some of the people who have left comments.

Varying combinations of search terms have made some pages far more popular than others, namely (most popular at the top):

  1. Easy backups with Automator and smart folders;
  2. Put your Mac to sleep by sending a text message;
  3. Custom CSS Signatures in;
  4. Adding my voice;
  5. Grim Fandango :^)

The end

You can wake up now!


Hello hello, Tim! Welcome back! Or uhm welcome back to comments! :^D - MHC

Hey Tim, Just went to have a look at your Mint thing, and there’s now a log-in page. Any chance you can open it up, or email me the log-in details? Chars, MM - monkey_man

Certainly not. :^P - Timmargh