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20 things you didn’t know about me  16

I saw a topic like this on a forum I drop into occasionally, so I thought I’d steal the idea and tell you all more about me than you ever wanted to know. Those of you who know me outside of The Matrix (i.e. in the real world) will no doubt know some, if not all, of these … but it’s been really hard to even come with twenty!

  1. I was due to be born 14th February 1973 but actually was born 20th March 1973, nearly 5 weeks late;
  2. whilst still in hospital my mother named me Simon James but my father went out and registered me as Timothy Richard - apparently an argument took place soon after …;
  3. I was on Songs Of Praise when I was 12 years old and my auntie, who I hadn’t seen for about 4 years, recognised me - I’m not religious but I was a member of the school choir at the time;
  4. my favourite non-alcoholic drink is iced coffee, preferably made with milk and Camp coffee;
  5. I have no allergies;
  6. I am madly in love with three female celebrities: Saffron (singer in Republica), Emma Griffiths (model and TV presenter) and Catherine Huntley (QVC presenter);
  7. I have been stopped by Police for speeding 17 times and was let off on all but 2 of those occasions;
  8. I have made 2 claims on my car insurance in the last 13 years: once when my car radio was stolen and once when a car pulled out into mine;
  9. my favourite song, which I would like played at my funeral (in 68 years time), is “The Scientist” by Coldplay;
  10. I consider myself quite lucky - last year I bought 200GBP worth of Premium Bonds … and they won 50GBP in the first draw they were in;
  11. I strongly believe in Karma, i.e. the idea that if you do good things then good things will happen to you;
  12. I have two elder brothers, along with one nephew, two nieces, one god-child and at least ten cousins - both my parents are still with me but, sadly, all of my grandparents have passed on;
  13. I once met a girl and fell in love at first sight … it was entirely unrequited :^( ;
  14. my favourite alcoholic drink is gin and tonic in a 50/50 mix, slice of lime, no ice, tall glass;
  15. the last time I walked was on my 30th birthday in 2003;
  16. I have a wooden train that my maternal grandfather gave me when I was two years old - I can remember him giving it to me;
  17. I’ve had flu once in my life and it put me on my back for a fortnight - I went to a job interview at the start of the second week … I didn’t get the job;
  18. the only time I get headaches is when I’m really, really thirsty;
  19. my favourite film by a long way is The Shawshank Redemption and I cry at the end every time I watch it;
  20. once I woke up in Tampa, Florida, at 9 a.m. Eastern Time (6 hours behind GMT), flew to Dallas, Texas, changed planes, flew to London, England, drove from London to Kidderminster for 9 a.m. GMT (stopping in Cheltenham to drop people off and Worcester to have breakfast), did a day at work, got home at 5.30 p.m. and finally got to sleep around 10 p.m. GMT, 31 hours later;

Erm, that’s it.


“I have been stopped by Police for speeding 17 times and was let off on all but 2 of those occasions” Teach me, oh wise one. - SoulSniper

It goes something like this: PC: "Can you step out of the car please sir?" Me: "Erm, no actually, I can’t - I’m disabled." PC: panicking "Oh! I see! Well, erm, yes." … and then they just seem to feel guilty for having stopped me. - Timmargh

Have you seen those 100 things about mew lists? I did one a few years back but didn’t have the nerve to publish it. Was just looking for it on my hard drive but can’t find it - was slightly interested in how true it was still. I remember i spent a whole afternoon doing it and some of them ended up being something like 75. I’m beginning to run out of things to say I’ll have to have a look in my CD backups to see if it’s there I also can’t remember what the site was that i originally saw these lists on so can’t give you a link! While looking for it i found a folder full of some of those “survey” email forwards i’ve done before - one of them was a long one i was attempting to fill in but never finished so at one point switches from my answers to those of the person who sent it to me which was really odd But back to your post - some good bits of trvia there. Am tempted to fill in the same topics but about me instead but am currently too hungover to get around to it - stonysleep

Alternatively you could try this.. Just how pure are you..?? Hmmm.. - tugger

70.4%. Hmmm … - Timmargh

Well uhm I got in the sixties… *Whistles* - MHC

:^O - Timmargh

44.6% some of those questions were weird! - tugger

44.6%??? You hussy! - Timmargh

as I remember it… PC: “Can you step out of the car please sir?” Me: “Erm, no actually, I can’t - I’m disabled.” PC: panicking “Oh! I see! Well, erm, yes. I’ll just take your licence and check it out” (The officer takes licence away to the patrol car) Me: (Leaning out of window and thinking officer is out of earshot) “Could you hurry it up officer, your wife is waiting for me!” Halfway to the patrol car, the officer stops, slowly turns and looks at me Me: “Gulp” Officer continues to his car. - tugger

Hahahaha! I’d forgotten all about that. - Timmargh

OMG! I thought I was the only person that had the hots for the fit bird from republica! I bet she’s a bit older now and not as fit as she was back in the ‘baby i’m ready to go’ days ;) - Andyk

As long as she’s still got those eyes I wouldn’t really care! - Timmargh

Samantha Sprackling (aka Saffron) is now in a band called Swarm. Check out the photo gallery: The files are jpgs but they haven’t put jpg suffixes so you may need to download the pictures in order to view You’ve gotta love wikipedia: I used to fancy her too and the eyes still look as good as ever - stonysleep

Yo bro, haven’t visited your site for so long. Wanted to comment on /clarify the following points; 2. Dad register you but I chose Timothy, after Tim Enticnap, my mate Jeremy’s older brother, because I thought it was cool. Can’t remeber Richard but I think me and Neill had a hand in that one as well. Sorry I know you hate being called Timmy but I still think Tim is cool (mainly cause it conjuers up an image of you now ;^)) 6. SAD 13. Even sadder :^( 9. I’ll try and remember ;^) 10. Kept that quiet… 15. Bummer I know. Wrote a bit more but… 16. Brought a tear to my eye, you were his favourite you know 18. It’s called DEHYDRATION 20. Bloody show off Love ya - #1

My eldest brother deigning to comment on my site? I am privileged! Just kidding … In reply: 2. I hated "Timmy" when I was a kid; I quite like it now; 13. Yeah, well, she was a cow anyway; 9. Don’t forget I’ve got 7 years on you … ; 10. No comment; 16. I was his favourite? Makes sense … ;^) ; 18. Yes, I know - I was trying to say that I don’t get stressed etc.; - Timmargh