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The bandage is off!  7

Today Linda, one of the district nurses, took the bandage off my right foot for the last time - I am officially healed.

[ insert clip of cheering crowd here … ;^) ]

That’s right: the ulcer has gone and I no longer need to be bandaged up with a sheet of urgotul on my foot twice a week. I am sporting a rather fetching pair of surgical stockings, though … well, they would be fetching but for the fact that not only are they different sizes (my right leg is rather thinner than my left) but they are also different shades: “sand” on the left and “honey” on the right. Thankfully, they are quite comfortable (I barely know I’m wearing them) and the only problem is that they’re a bugger to get on and off!

I’m thinking of writing up my experience from start to finish at some point including photos of the wound as it progressed - don’t worry, though, I won’t just stick grotesque pictures all over the place: there will be warnings and you’ll only be able to see them if you specifically click on them.


Whooh hooh! This is terrific news, Tim! And a pair of mismatched socks are all the rage so don’t you worry! ;^) - MHC

Woot! That is fantastic news! Perhaps you could upload the images into a flash animation program, showing the progression and set it to music. Hmmmm, what tune would you pick? :) - Gimpy Mumpy

Yay! - Pete Ashton

Congratulations! Shame you can’t put autographs on surgical stockings like you can on plaster casts. - charlesdawson

Congratulations :) - LobsterMan

Hoorah and Huzzah! This is such good news, I have really felt for you during this time. I am totally with Mumpy’s plan to set the picks to music. Um… Achilles Heel by Toploader? Footloose by Kenny Loggins? I know! Happy Feet by Cab Calloway (or the Muppets, if you prefer) - The Goldfish

Hahaha! I did think of "Footloose" myself. Hmmm, I may actually do this … - Timmargh