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Today  15

Well, today’s my big day: my birthday. I came into this world 33 years ago today, 4 weeks and 6 days overdue (I should’ve been born on Valentines Day!); I was cold, wet and hungry - then someone slapped me and it all went downhill from there …

It’s going to be a fairly quiet day, nothing major going on, and the only thing that’s planned is the arrival of the district nurses who have been looking after me and my foot so well - they’re coming after work to share a bottle of champagne, partly for my birthday but mainly to celebrate the fact that my ulcer has healed. A bunch of nurses … alcohol … it’s like a dream come true!

I haven’t updated any of my totals from last year so all the numbers stay the same, i.e. I’ve …

  • … got 7 immediate blood-related family members;
  • … been abroad 12 times to 10 different countries via 17 aeroplanes;
  • … got 6 tattoos and zero piercings;
  • … owned 5 cars.

I’m not expecting any more presents apart from the two that N’s paying for that I mentioned earlier - I’m looking forward to tinkering with those like only a geek can. And of course I’ll be reading more of the book that Sue bought me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have a most formidable and exciting day! YAY!!! You’re a Pisces just like I am! I knew you were a great guy! :^D - MHC

Thanks, MHC! :^) If you’re a Pisces too then that means I missed your birthday recently … ? Sorry. :^( Happy Birthday for, erm, whenever it was! - Timmargh

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Timmargh Happy birthday to you! This pome comes to you without sound effects cos if you use the classic tune, it’s copyright and you have to pay! (Not many people know that.) May you live as long as you want, May you laugh as long as you live. (Old saying) - charlesdawson

Thank you Charles, much appreciated. "… This pome comes to you without sound effects cos if you use the classic tune, it’s copyright and you have to pay! (Not many people know that.)" You watched Q.I. last night as well then? ;^) - Timmargh

Grats on the birthday Timmargh. Hope you had a good day! Here’s a birthday surprise for you again! I’m blogging again (new domain tho!). Andyk (formally of - Andyk

Cheers Andy! Good to hear you’re back online - I’ve updated my links page and browser bookmarks. - Timmargh

Ouh! WordPress too! :^) - MHC

Happy belated Birthday Timmargh! Hope thirty-three is more comfortable than thirty-two! - The Goldfish

Happy Birthday Timmy! - SoulSniper

Thanks for the wishes, Timmy! It was exactly two weeks ago. :^D - MHC

> Nah, found a site on the net. - charlesdawson

Happy Birthday! - LobsterMan

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! *hugs* Hope you had a wonderful day! :) - Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you for the wishes everyone and yes, Miss Mumpy, I did have a good day, thanks: very relaxing. - Timmargh

happy belated Birthday Timmy. - Stretch