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An early birthday present  8

I got an Amazon parcel in the post yesterday morning and inside wasn’t the Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire DVD I’d ordered I was expecting, but a copy of The Zen Of CSS Design. I must say a big “thank you” to my friend Sue - she picked it from my wish list and bought it for my birthday.

As the attached note said, I could’ve done with this a week or so ago, but I shall have a good trawl through it and put my new knowledge to use the next time I redesign or build a new site.

I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this but Sue’s one of the worlds best people and I feel privileged to have her as a friend … especially seeing as she came to see me loads and brought me gifts when I was in hospital!

Actually, a thought has just occurred to me: why should I expect the Harry Potted DVD to come in an Amazon parcel when I ordered it from That’s the trouble with being open minded: your brains keep falling out!

N didn’t know what to buy me for my birthday so we decided that I’d order a couple of things for my iMac and she’d give me the money towards them - I’ve just ordered an AirClick USB and a PowerMate, both from the appropriately named Griffin Technology.


LOL Well that is a lovely thing to do for you, Tim. Sue is a great person. :^) - MHC

Thanks for that Tim! In return I will publicly embarrass - I mean compliment you … Tim is a daily inspiration for me. Through this website I have had the privelege of sharing his spontaneous expressions of pleasure, and the occasional rant when he lets off steam (that online ranting session “I’m Angry” was brilliant - is it perverse of me to have enjoyed it?) Tim has a gift of making people feel at ease. He is a joy to know. Better stop now … I’ve had a few glasses of wine and it’s loosened my keyboard. Cheers Tim. Bappy hirthday Dear! - Sue Horne

* blush * You should’ve read the bits I didn’t post when I wrote that "I’m Angry" rant - I had to cut a lot out! - Timmargh

Really? How about an “Out-takes” section on the next upgrade! - Sue Horne

They weren’t “out-takes” as such, more like personal stuff and lots and lots of swearing - I typed it all out in a Word document, copied the bits suitable for this site and then password protected the file and attempted to forget the password. - Timmargh

Timmy, once you”ve tried them, are you going to write a review of the PowerMate and AirClick? That would be cool. :^) - MHC

I am going to, yes, but it may be a week or so. - Timmargh

Congrats, That book is awesome! - LobsterMan