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Some good news at last  2

I got a ‘phone call this morning (which N answered) and was reliably informed that my new bed will be delivered at around 10 o’clock on Monday morning.

I’m trying not to get excited as this is the fourth date/time I’ve been given, although previously it’s not been so specific. If it doesn’t materialise this time then the proverbial shit will hit the proverbial fan.

Oh, and the lack of updates recently is directly related to the lack of activity in my head - I’ve wound down for a while and, as a result, have very little of interest worth posting here.


That is great news, Tim. About the bed, not about you not posting in your blog. ;^) You’re only resting to put up more good posts later. No worries here. :^D - MHC

That’s excellent news about the bed. If it doesn’t show up as promised this time, tell ‘em you’ll set the Mumpy on them if they don’t bring your bed. With all the anger I have built up from yesterday’s doc appointment I bet I could be very scary. :P - gimpy mumpy