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“Ken hits the buffers”  7

I’m not at all political, but this made me smile:

This week’s Dear Kettle, Love Pot award goes to Ken Livingstone, who has turned the Greater London Authority into a one-man personality cult.

Red Ken has rounded on his old mates in the RMT, the rail union, who are threatening to strike over working practices, accusing them of being publicity-seekers.

Livingstone said: “It’s an election year in the RMT and the more they can get their charming faces on the telly, the more they think they can get votes from their members.”

Only a cult like Ken could come up with such hypocrisy and expect to get away with it.


someone swapped the ‘L’ and ‘N’ letters on his keyboard..?? - tugger

Exactly. :^D - Timmargh

Been puzzling since Saturday over the ‘L’ & ‘N’ keyboard reversal and finally figured it out. Slow old cult, aren’t I! - Sue Horne

I’ll let you off, Sue, after all: you are a woman. * speeds off into the distance * :^P - Timmargh

Whoah! o_0 If I were you, I wouldn’t get too cocky. ;^) Men are from PCs, women are from Macs - MHC

Ha ha - very funny. Now, where’s that Ban IP Address button … ? :^P - Timmargh

*biggrin* - MHC