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Have you seen this man?  4

I’m actually ahead of myself for once in my life and, with N’s help, managed to apply for and get my new “disabled person’s parking card” before my current one expired - this sort of organisation and preparation is virtually unknown in my life. The only downside to this is the quality of the mugshot on display - being virtually bed-bound and having not long recovered from a bout of the shits meant that I wasn’t looking my best when the photo was taken. Still, at least I looked better than I did on my previous parking card


Cheer up, Tim. You should see my mug shot for my Health Insurance card… Oy! >_< - MHC

We don’t have pictures on our parking cards here in the states(or at least not here in Maine) but it would be a good idea. I could get my picture done on one of my bad pain days and use the parking card as an anti-theft device! - gimpy mumpy

You’re both just being modest - I’ll bet you’re both stunners. </smooth talking> - Timmargh

At least you have the excuse of having been ill! My mugshots havent had that excuse, but always look like someone the police would like to help them with their enquiries once he’s taken his chlorpromazine. Glad to hear you’re doing well. - charlesdawson