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God dammit, I’m angry  15

Seriously. I keep thinking about various things in my life and they piss me off.

My family: both my brothers live far too far away — one in bloody Illinois — and both my parents can really be childish gits who never pay any attention to my wishes and still treat me like a bloody child.

My bed: I’m supposed to be getting an all-singing all-dancing bed - the salesman rang me before Christmas and promised me faithfully that I’d be getting it “mid January, the end of January at the latest”. He promptly forgot to order it until mid January so I had to wait until February 6th before it arrived in the country (from Germany) and then until 13th so they could do quality control checks (how long does it take to check a few sodding nuts and bolts?). Guess what? It’s still in Germany …

My neighbours: the people along my street are fine — I live in a warden controlled street and I’m the youngest resident by about 35 years — it’s the assholes who live in the street behind me who park their cars across my fucking driveway, rev their bloody engines at 1am with their larger-and-louder then they need exhausts (on a Citröen Saxo and a Vauxhall Tigra for Christ’s sake) and their bloody car stereo. Yes, I’m moaning like an old bastard, but I can’t function with less than 9 hours sleep.

Money: every time I get slightly comfortable with a couple of hundred pounds in my current account that can safely be stashed into my savings I get a bill that I was expecting, but which seems to be freakishly large and always manages to sap up all the extra cash I was planning to spend on something unnecessary.

Other stuff: loads of annoying little shitty things I can’t be bothered to add.

The only thing I can rely on in my life is my dog and, fantastic as the hairy little bugger is, I’m still pissed off at everything else.

*deep breath*


I feel slightly better now - thanks.


Tim. Tell the salesman to halve his commission.. btw I have bronchitis, tonsilitis, and a heavy cold.. I’m wondering if I feel more pissed off than you do.. Maybe you need an airgun for the saxos.. :-) - tugger

Aw, mate - sorry to hear about the illnesses. At the end of the day, all my stuff is avoidable/sort-outable whereas you’re suffering helplessly, so you’ve got more right to be angrier than me. And I was thinking of something like a harpoon … - Timmargh

tim, obviously you’re feeling better! When a patient gets stroppy again, s/he’s on the mend. Hope the bed gets sorted soon. How about a stern letter to the Managing Director? Say you’re thinking of ringing up Watchdog. - charlesdawson

Crap! That bed still isn’t in your home?!? Calling a Foul!!! Hang in there Tim, I’m sure things will get better. Can you get someone from the medical professions or better yet someone from the hospital where you spent ten days to write a stern letter? I really don’t know what recourses you have in the UK though but I’m sure there is something to be done about this goddamn feet dragging. Your well-being and health is in their hands, the bastards… Oops! Sorry for the harsh words but idiots are everywhere, even where you heavily depend on them. *Shakes head in disgust* - MHC

sorry to hear all this, hopefully it’ll all get better soon. that’s the way things work, when we get angry, we just think about the bad stuff, and forget all the good things we have in life. taking it all out really helps, so hopfully you feel better now. - LobsterMan

On the family front, that’s families for you, especially parents. If the problem needs addressing, try writing a letter to them; may sound silly when you probably speak to them often, but I did this once and it revolutionised our relationship. They seemed to absorb the message I had been trying to get across for ages. Bed, as others have said. Neighbours, have you or anyone else tried talking to them? Otherwise, wax earplugs can help you stay asleep once you’re off. With the money I suggest you keep an Excel sheet with all your ingoings and anticipated outgoings, so that you don’t get any nasty surprises - also so you can check that you’re not being overcharged anywhere. Other stuff; horizontal life is a bugger. Got any nice aggressive computer games where you can blow up aliens? That sometimes helps. Hope you feel better soon. - The Goldfish

Thanks for all the words and advice, guys ‘n’ gals - I’m feeling much better now, thanks. I was just in a really bad mood and happened to be sitting next to a computer, so it all spilled out. Goldfish: I’ve tried many things with my parents, letter writing included - I think the next step is a hired killer. And I’ll try blowing up some aliens … - Timmargh

How about Enigmo 2? You need extra concentration so you’d forget everything… :^) Downside: doesn’t seem to be a download for a demo. :^( - MHC

Wow, looks cool! Cheers, MHC - I’ll see if I can find a demo by, erm, other means … - Timmargh

:^D - MHC

Hi Tim, He-He you could get your anger out this way(link): As a ‘proper’ computer user(PC), I find this hilarious!;-) pete;-) - pete

‘Proper’ computer user? Hmm, I think not … "Microsoft Windows … When do you want to reboot today?" ;^P - Timmargh

Here’s another one of your buddies, pete, a “proper” office worker. :^) - MHC

Briliant, loved it;-) - pete

Glad ya did! :^D - MHC