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A new place to hangout  8

I used to spend a fair amount of time chatting to many people on Special Reserve’s UK Chat Forums - Special Reserve, as a company, has folded and the forums are now known as Freeola Chat. I’ve gotten to know and like many people on there over the years and would quite often lose hours on the site.

Unfortunately, since Special Reserve folded and Freeola took over, the general atmosphere of the place has taken a turn for the worse. There were always times when people would complain that there were too many idiots making pointless posts and spamming up the place, but the presence of certain users made it worthwhile wading through the crap to get to the good stuff, but too many good people have jumped ship. It’s time to move on …

… to Pocket Monkey! This is a nice little site run by one of the users from the SR forums and is turning into an excellent place to be. It’s main feature is the forums which have been built from the ground up by the site owner, monkey_man, and are growing day by day with new users and features. I’ve been given a trusted role as one of the admins and so get to lord it over the others!

So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to hang out then take a look - there are plenty of people already there, some perfectly normal and some, erm, not so normal. Maybe I’ll see you there?


Hell, a place that has Tim as an Admin is a must see so I just joined. :^D - MHC

I’ve just activated your account. See you there. - Timmargh

There are some colourful people on there - good luck! - Timmargh

LOL Yeah I just noticed! :^D - MHC

yeah.. all online communities in general have their life-span, sometimes things are great, then not-so-good, then better, then worse, then they fall into pieces, and new communities are built from the ruins. - LobsterMan

Hiya Timmargh! Haven’t visited your site for ageeesss… nice to see yet another redesign. especially the chunky standard buttons :) I’ll stick with freeola right now though, there isn’t enough time to warrant signing to another one, yet. - lcarus

Good to see you, Iccy. I do still go to Freeola but there seems to be less and less that catches my eye - it may change in the future, who knows? As for the redesign … I get itchy fingers all the time! - Timmargh

Tugger’s in … - Timmargh