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Well, that was fun!  3

I’m happy to be home and making the most of being in bed (i.e. watching trash, eating trash) and then I get a week of sickness and bloody diarrhea! Well, not literally “bloody” …

I think I’ve done my last runny poo for a while and am slowly building my strength back up so I’ll be quiet for a little while longer yet.

What do you mean “Good!” ??


… and a big thanks to Tugger for the loan of the iBook! - Timmargh

Glad to hear your enjoying yourself and doubly glad you clarified on the “bloody” part there :P My brother bought me an ‘unbirthday present’ this week. A PS2! I’ve had my Xbox for some time and play pc games as well but now I have something else to keep me busy while in bed (or my lazyboy recliner). Best part is there are so many used games out there cheap I’ve never played! - gimpy mumpy

Ouh! Well hello there mister Griffin! Enjoy the iBook and hope to see you soon around these here parts… Rest well, my friend. :^) - MHC