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Still laid up  22

I’m still on my back in the hospital and being looked after really well - all the nurses are fantastic and I’ve fallen in love two of them. And yes, Tugger: they are both female …

N has been in everyday but I still miss her and Rocco like crazy.

Can’t add much else because this keyboard is crap and I’m running out of credit.


You take it easy, Timothy. We’ll be here when you come back home. And you’ll be better than new when you go home. :^) - MHC

Hi Tim, MHC is right. Take it easy and enjoy the pampering. Sounds like you are in good hands :P Hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon. - gimpy mumpy

I’m still here being pampered by and flirting with the lovely, lovely nurses. My foot is getting better daily with some new skin growing on it - it was soaked in potassium permanganate (sp?) this afternoon. I miss Rocco terribly and apparently he misses me too (he keeps lying on my bed and whining quietly). Still, I should be home in a week or so and I can’t wait! - Timmargh

Excellent news mister Griffin! Glad to hear you are healing well! - MHC

Talk about moving the goal posts … My specialist is now talking about sending me to the rehab ward in Evesham until my bed is delivered at home - the bad news is that Evesham is twice as far from home compared to where I am now, and the really bad news is that my bed isn’t coming until mid-February at the earliest. I am pissed off, upset and lonely. The only highlights in my day are N’s visits and flirting with one of the student nurses … Michelle. - Timmargh

Oh Tim that is really crappy news! Is there any way they’ll change their minds? What are they doing for you there that they cannot do for you at home? Is it one of those special beds to relieve pressure sores? Your poor pup! Will they let you at least take some short outings home? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck. *hugs* - gimpy mumpy

Thanks Miss Mumpy. One of the staff nurses asked me if I was alright (I was having a low moment and was having a bit of a cry) and when I explained about them wanting to move me she said she’d speak to the specialist - she said there’s no reason why I can’t be moved to the Cookley ward in Kidderminster. Then, after some more discussion, she said that the treatment I’m getting (bed rest and a soak in potassium permanganate every other day) is easily doable by the district nurses at home. I’m seeing the specialist today so I’ll keep you posted. - Timmargh

Good old nursey - that’s a bit of a turn around! He/she probably has a degree in common sense. I’ll be watching this space in hope of good news. Love from Sue xxx - Sue Horne

*crossing fingers* Doctors I tell ya, using their heart and common sense right along side their brains seems to be pretty hard to do. *rolleyes* - MHC

So glad to read your response this morning Tim! Keep on fighting (and crying, hey if tears work then why not?). Let them know how much this would upset you and find your allies (the cute nurse perhaps?). I went to bed last night really upset for you but this is really good news to start my day. I hope to hear soon that they can work with you on this. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed and send good Mumpy vibes :) - gimpy mumpy

All the thoughts, finger crossing and Mumpy vibes did the trick: I’m going home on Monday! WOOHOO!! I’m well pleased, as you can imagine … I’ll be spending most of my time in bed so things will get even quieter around here until I can get myself a laptop - those new MacBook Pro’s look nice! Anyone want to buy an Audiolab 8000CDM and an Audiolab 8000DAC for 300GBP each … ? - Timmargh

… I forgot to say “thank you” to you all for the kind thoughts and words and for helping to keep me sane! Diane, Gimpy, Sue and everyone else: you’re all stars and I love you all. - Timmargh

We love you back! :^D - MHC

Oops! Hit the Post button too soon! *groan* Coffee works to a certain extent, then you’re on your own… :^P Anyway Monday… That’s very very good news, Tim! Very happy for you. Hospitals are dreadful and I won’t even mention the food either. *Ack! Puhtwee!* So hang on, Monday is just around the corner! - MHC

Glad to hear your coming home Tim. Monday seems to be the day for things to be happening around here. Right D? - Stretch

Tim, don’t rush to buy the macbook.. gorgeous though it is, there’s much more stuff weeks away… Good news on getting out..!! does michelle do house calls..?? I’m thinking maybe a nice soapy… ..bedbath.. :-) - tugger

Like Stretch says… :^D I’ll be getting my 20” iMac G5 Monday night!!! Whooh! With all sorts of other goodies! YeeHah! - MHC

Looks like I may be getting out Monday or Tuesday … won’t know until Monday. tugger: can you lend me a laptop until the new Apple stuff is released? - Timmargh

MHC: you lucky devil … :^P - Timmargh

*nods eagerly* :^D - MHC

Hmm.. I might have to pry it out of philips dead fingers..!! I’ll do my best.. Prob pop it in next weekend unless you’re in a hurry. That 20” G5 is a gem MHC, if you need anything, let me know. I’ve got a fully loaded Mac mini for sale with wireless and bluetooth, and kb and mouse 450 + delivery. Also got a dual 2Gig G5 desktop with a gig of ram, ati 9800xt and a 23” cinema screen, both around 18 months old, open to realistic offers. - tugger

Haha! No worries, mate - I’ve got plenty of books to keep me going. - Timmargh