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I’m home!  9

… and I’m happy! Thanks for all the support, guys ‘n’ gals.

This place with be a bit quiet over the next month or so, until I sort myself out a laptop that I can use in bed.

See you all soon …


Hurray! Been checking the site for news, and I just shouted “Hey, Timmy’s home!” in the middle of the office. Don’t over do it. Hope you get the laptop soon. Love from Sue xxx - Sue Horne

Hi Tim, great to have you back. I can uncross my fingers now! - charlesdawson

WHOOH HOOH! Welcome back, Tim! I hope you’re doing great now! :^D Oh and if you’re interested… Will be uploading photos of the new iMac G5 later in my blog so you can check it out later when you’re all set up and comfy! :^) - MHC

Hi, welcome back.. philip and I will drop the laptop in at the weekend.. maybe you should consider setting up the imac with the excellent voice recognition between now and then!! see you soon mate. - tugger

That is really great news! So glad they’ve let you return home. - gimpy mumpy

Glad to see your back home Timmy. Take it easy. ;) - Stretch

Welcome Back! hope you’re OK - LobsterMan

Tim, if you’re looking for a laptop… - MHC

Welcome home Timmargh! Wishing you a speedy convalescence. :-) - The Goldfish