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Spend Christmas in hospital?  8

The district nurse, Liz, came today to change the dressing on my foot as per usual, only today she was concerned that it looked markedly worse than it did the previous week (here’s an up to date photo - be warned: it’s not nice!). As I have just finished a course of antibiotics to kill off an infection, it was her diagnosis that the infection had come back with a vengeance - not only were both my feet swollen, but there seemed to be a new patch of ulcer breaking out on the top of my right foot.


So, she called my doctor’s surgery and asked for a home visit and the nice (and very thorough) Dr. Campion came to see me. He agreed with the nurse and called the specialist I’ve been seeing, Mr. Downings, to get me an appointment as soon as possible. It turned out that he had a clinic in the afternoon, so I went and saw him.

He basically said that my foot was getting worse (duh!) and that if it continued this way then eventually I would lose it.


He said he wanted to give me some antibiotics intravenously and do a few other things to me (medical things, you sickos) and I would need to be admitted tomorrow and stay for a week. I pointed out that this meant I would be in over Christmas - he simply said: “Yes, I know.”


Now, I know I said I don’t want to do anything over Christmas: just stay at home and lock the doors, but I really didn’t want to be hospital because: a) I’d be depressed; b) I’d miss Rocco; and c) N would be on her own.

After some discussion, he conceded that it wasn’t vitally important that I go in tomorrow and so he agreed to prescribe me some antibiotics to take and admit me next Tuesday or Wednesday instead - this means I’ll miss New Year, but I’m not too concerned about that. But (and it’s a big but), the nurse is coming Friday for my dressing change and if she thinks that the wound has gotten worse still, then I would have to be admitted by my GP as an emergency.

So, fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed that there’s no discernible deterioration between now and Friday or I’ll be sharing my turkey with a bunch of nurses.

I know there are loads of people who spend Christmas in hospital, patients and staff, and my heart goes out to them, but I don’t want to leave Rocco and N on their own.


Oh god Tim, that is a really nasty sore. I really hope you don’t have to be in hospital for Christmas (I hate being in the hospital over holidays) but this does sound serious and I would rather you missed a holiday then to hear you’re losing your foot. I will keep everything possible crossed and hope they can get some IV antibiotics to do the trick. Have they tried one of those oxygen bag treatments? I’ve heard they have excellent results for wound care/healing. - gimpy mumpy

Thanks, Gimpy. They haven’t tried anything much, yet, just the usual steroid cream, antibiotics and keeping the leg elevated as much as possible. I think they assumed it was never going to get as bad as this. Now they’re talking about a sympathetic-something-or-other (anaesthetise the nerves that control the veins in my legs so they open fully) and pinch grafts (taking small skin grafts off my hip and dotting them onto the wound). We’ll see what happens soon enough … - Timmargh

Wow, that looks pretty bad. Hopefully the anitbiotics will help, and keep you home for Christmas. - Stretch

Cheers, Stretch. - Timmargh

Rotten bad luck. I will keep my fingers crossed and jack the prayer-mat up to max revs for you. - charlesdawson

Aw, I hope you fix it soon mate, I was ill the other year. I couldnt help but notice the resemblence to blue cheese but then I am use to gore, I put up with the mirror :( - bert

"I couldnt help but notice the resemblence to blue cheese" Haha! I don’t think I’d like it on a cracker though … :^P - Timmargh

Jeez Timmy! I so hope your foot gets better. It must hurt like hell. My blog problems look pretty insignificant compared to what you’re going through. I’ll keep sending good thoughts your way. And I’ve got my fingers crossed too which makes my typing even more typo-prone than usual. - MHC