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It just keeps getting better  6

If I believed in a God, I’d swear he was doing his best to make me happy-ish.

I opened my mail this morning to discover that in their first eligible draw since buying them, my premium bonds had won a prize: 50GBP! Fifty quid! Talk about a quick return on your money.

So, I smiled. Again.

And I said “happy-ish” because if He/She had wanted to make me really happy then I would’ve won the million …


Well, that’ll help you getting the iMac G5! ;^) Congratulations, Timmy! *thumbsup* - MHC

Add to that the 1000GBP my uncle just gave me for Christmas … (he’s rich and generous!) - Timmargh

Can I borrow your uncle for my birthday, Timmy? I really need a new lens for my camera. :^P - MHC

Oh and speakers for my new iMac G5. LOL - MHC

Sure, but make sure you check you valuables before you send him back. ;^) - Timmargh

ROTFL I’ve got till the beginning of March to write down everything. ;^) - MHC