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I’m going in  5

Well, I’m being collected by ambulance tomorrow morning and being taken to Worcester Royal Hospital for my treatment to my foot - I should be in for a week or so. I’ll be in the Severn Unit if you happen to be passing …

I’ll see you all when I get back and thanks for all the well wishes.


Luckily for me the bedside units have internet access, although it’s costing me 4p a minute and the keyboard is nearly impossible to use so I won’t be using it too often … Bye for now. - Timmargh

Thinking of you, Timmy! See you when you get back! :^) - MHC

Hey Timbo! Hope the nurses are fit ;o) Take care of yourself & don’t take no s**t from no-one dude! LOL See you soon x - Elias

Best of luck Tim! Wish I could stop by for a visit but since that would involve a airplane ride I’ll have to settle for some virtual hugs & kisses :) Hope your feeling better in the New Year. - gimpy mumpy

Sorry I’m a bit late with this - guess you’ll be out by the time you read this. But I hope it all went okay and that you are feeling much better for it. All the best for 2006! - The Goldfish