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Control Front Row using a mobile phone  8

Apologies, but this post has been removed at the request of Apple.

It turns out that the email I got from Apple was probably fake, but I deleted the original post for this and I really can’t be bothered to do it all again.

May I suggest you buy a Griffin AirClick USB?


After getting the new iMac, I love front row. The remote is great too. I can use it across my room, its great. Plus the remote can be used to control apps like iTunes, and DVD player, with out being in Front Row - added bonus. - Stretch

Front Row was the deciding factor on whether to get an iMac G5 or keep the G4 and get an iBook instead. I’ll be spending a lot of time in bed in the near future (pressure sore/ulcer related) so I’ll be citing Front Row as a necessity for my survival. - Timmargh

would it be possible to assign front row to the fifth button on my mouse. It’s a microsoft one, im afraid i dont know anything about scripting sam - sam

Sam: I’m not sure, to be honest. Did the mouse come with any software? You usually get a utility with multi-button mice that allows you to assign different things to different buttons - can you assign button 5 to a key-press? - Timmargh

Sam you might want to look into third-party mouse drivers if you can’t see how to make it work with the provided drivers. If your mouse is USB and/or Bluetooth look into SteerMouse. You can try it out, the website says. For a USB mouse, there is the venerable USB Overdrive (not sure if there is a demo though…) - MHC

MHC: you’re my heroin. * gazes fondly * - Timmargh

:^D *batting eyelashes* - MHC

this apple block is sad - frank