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Christmas tree  7

A seasonal wallpaper:

Photo of a Christmas tree


Beautiful pic :) - gimpy mumpy

Ta! - Timmargh

Ouh! Thank you for the XMas presie, Timmy! - MHC

Beautiful!!! - emt565

Ah - a lovely one for my Christmas Desktop folder! Thank you. - Diddums

Um, This is so random, but, does anyone know how to apply wallpaper for a mac? I love this picture, but I don’t know how to apply it to my mac. Does anyone? - Anonymous

This is how to do it in OS X 10.4 Tiger: 1. Save the wallpaper to your Mac somewhere like your Home -> Pictures folder; 2. Open up ‘System Preferences’; 3. Go to ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’; 4. Select the ‘Desktop’ tab; 5. Select ‘Pictures Folder’ in the list on the left; 6. Select the wallpaper from the thumbnails on the right. - Timmargh