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Christmas Day looms  8

I’m not Scrooge and I don’t hate Christmas. I do like seeing people but I hate having to traipse from house to house just because it’s the done thing.

So, when I was asked what I wanted to do this year, I said “Lock the door, turn the heating up a bit and just enjoy being comfortable at home”. And that’s what’s going to happen. Ish.

I say “ish” because it seems my parents are at a loose end and are now coming here for dinner. But, that’s fine as it gets seeing them out of the way. That may sound harsh, but whilst I couldn’t care less about seeing people over the festive period I know my mother does.

On the evening, N is going to her sister’s house for a family thing (she’s got a big family) and me and Rocco will be curled up in front of the telly … with the sound off and Jethro Tull on the hi-fi.


As one Xmas hibernator to another, Have a good one! - charlesdawson

Thanks, Charles - you too! - Timmargh

I am not too crazy about the big Xmas parties either. I had plenty of them when I was a kid. Enough anyway to last me a lifetime. :^D So in case my Swiss cheese brain forgets to tell you this in the next couple of days, have a great Xmas, Timmy, and a terrific Year 2006. On those nights we’ll send each other a very quiet toast… You’ll hear a ghostly Cheers! coming from The Great White North… ;^) - MHC

Heh, thanks MHC. I hope you have a good time, too - I’ll raise my glass of black currant and lemonade (!) to you and yours. - Timmargh

bah humbug? Christmas is either hype to boost shop/pub sales or ostensibly for the kids benefit.. Of the 5 people on this planet I truly love, christmas day will be spent with three of them, and that makes it one day of sunshine in an otherwise shitty British winter. When do we get to see flickr pics of you basking in your new conservatory with a tall g+t..?? - tugger

The conservatory is still on hold and will be until sometime in the New Year. It’ll probably come about in the spring. You’ll be one of the few people to get an invite to the “conservatory warming” party. - Timmargh

Hmmm…. I know how you feel about Christmas and the whole performance of it. Usually, the house is full of relatives. I get on OK with them but, I and my family don’t fit like a glove. Plus, the house is in a mess, bodies lolling about the place, nephew’s toys all over the floor so Justin ends up having to comcentrate a hell of a lot more on navigating around this effing mess! LOL! Oh, Xmas 2002 was baaad. We had my auntie around with her family. Her kids get tons of present. MY granparents get enough presies as it is. I swear there was nothing of the floor exponsed in the living room and hallway that year. God, I’m so glad I can excape to my room every so often. It’s much tidier there, or, the mess is minimal and organised, lol. Yeah, it’s stressful preparing for this stuff and, going through it. I’d be happy to be on my own at Christmas. It’ll come far off in the future. A miserable git I am, I know *grin*. - Justin R

Happy Holidays All! Justin I agree about the christmas obstacles, such as presents, trees, and other ornamentation. Visiting others who have decorated their homes with absolutely no thought (well they really don’t need to) to how we can navigate them is a terror this time of year. That and icy sidewalks. And kids. I know that makes me sound a monster but I’ve never been overly fond of snot, crying, and poopy bottoms running screaching ‘round and giving me a headache/heart attack/anxiety :P Merry Bah Humbug to us all….. - gimpy mumpy