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Can I get a restart?  8

I’ve just downloaded an Apple security update for OS X and I need to restart my iMac. But, before I do, I thought I’d share this with you:



Thats pretty good. I know at one point, my iBook was running for over a month. All my PC friends were jealous. - Stretch

*Picks up her jaw from the floor* Wow! That’s unreal! 8^0 - MHC

WOW! too bad I shut off my iBook to take it to and from work… - LobsterMan

Actually the problem I have with my new laptop is that XP won’t let me shut down when I’ve been on it for more than a few hours, which it’s every day! - gimpy mumpy

Won’t let you? That’s weird … - Timmargh

lobsterman, why don’t you just sleep it, instead of shutting it off? - Stretch

Yah, I have to unplug it, flip it over and remove the battery to turn it off. Damn Microsoft…. - gimpy mumpy

Stretch, i dunno, i carry it around in a backpack and I’ve already lost my HD twice from dropping it, so i think off is better - LobsterMan