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Bad weather  7

There’s me, complaining about the cold weather here in Kidderminster when over in Oswego, IL, where my brother lives it’s:

Weather widget


hahaha, it’s a whole 5 degrees here today (although with the wind chill it’s really -6!). brrrrrrr…. - gimpy mumpy

OMG! What a cool looking widget!… *drool* - MHC

It’s the standard Apple one. The “windy” graphic is animated and looks excellent. - Timmargh

I’ll get Tiger soon! When I buy the new iMac I’ll have Tiger! YAY!!!! - MHC

According to a forum I visited today, it’s “chipping dogs off lampposts”weather. - charlesdawson

Hahahaha! I’ve never heard that one before - I like it. - Timmargh

I don’t think anything would get me to go over to the US for a Christmas holday Not on the east coast anyway, lol. I can’t stand the cold here! I’ve had to start eating pasties for lunch to keep me warm, lol. Mind you, the Turkey and Cramberry ones are delicious as the cheese and mushroom ones are too. - Justin R