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Lee Knight  6

Lee was a guy who married a friend of mine some years ago. They got divorced and I only saw him a couple of times after that.

He developed a malignant brain tumour which was removed about nine months ago. Unfortunately, it reappeared and with it he lost the power of speech and the use of one side of his body.

After his second dose of chemotherapy he caught a cold, but he and his immune system were too weak to fight it off. He died Thursday 3rd November, 2005.

Take it easy Lee, mate - I’ll never forget that time you sang “Here I Go Again” in that competition, nor will I forget the trousers you were wearing at the time … ;^)


Sorry for you and your friend’s loss, Timmy. I just lost one of my brother in laws to cancer too. I hate cancer… :rolleyes: - MHC

Thanks, MHC. - Timmargh

Sorry to hear of your friend, Timmargh. It really hits home when it’s a young person, doesn’t it? - charlesdawson

Thanks, Charles - he was about 35 or so, I can’t remember exactly (I hadn’t seen him for years). - Timmargh

Death to us seems so final but it isnt its just a service stop on a path we all take, lee has just gone somewhere you cant follow. One day we will all be in the same place and no more bad things will exist. Im sure he is still around in spirit. Happy trails lee hope you got out of life what you wanted and I hope your having fun wherever you are now. Good health timmargh. - bert

Thanks a lot, Bert - you’ve made me smile. :^) - Timmargh