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I’m working …  8

… on a new design for this place. It’s nothing radical and it’s quite similar to the current layout, but I want to make a change and then add more stuff once I’ve ironed out the first major wrinkles.


Timmy, what are your reasons for choosing MovableType over WordPress? I am curious as to what motivated your choice and if you’re happy with it… Also I’m wondering if MovableType is easier to mess around in than WP. I am getting the hang of it but I can’t say I like the lack of uniformity. For example, one plug-in works with one WP theme while the same plug-in doesn’t work with another WP theme while both themes work well with the same version of WP… It simply boggles my mind… *wacko* - MHC

I only looked briefly at WordPress - I just remember getting stuck on something and ditching the whole lot in frustration. I persevered more with Movable Type and so got a bit further. I couldn’t tell you which is better to be honest, but I’m so used to MT now I couldn’t change. Since I’ve gotten to know MT there has never been anything I haven’t been able to do with it, and if there isn’t something built-in there’s always a plug-in of some kind to do the job instead. - Timmargh

Your current layout (~4pm MST 9 Nov) appears to be broken when viewed in Opera 8.5 on WinXP. All text is right justified across three lefthand colored columns. I’ll be happy to do you a screenshot if you like. - Katja

And immediately after submitting the comment, it is miraculously better, except that the comment form bleeds over into the right hand column. - Katja

Ooooh! This is shaping up nicely Timothy! I like it a lot! One day you and I will have to talk about MovableType and the differences with WordPress… when we have the time! ;^) - MHC

Katja: a screenshot would be great, thanks - email me by clicking on "Contact" above. I’m still ironing out a few wrinkles … - Timmargh

MHC: that’s fine by me - I’ll try and sell you MT and you can try and convert me to WP … :^D - Timmargh